"In my own journey, I discovered Energy Medicine in 2011 following a foot fracture that left me desperate to get back on my own two feet, and to what I considered my “normal” life — which in reality consisted of too much work and not enough self-care. Everything was out of balance.

After my first Reiki session with Reiki Master Rebecca McKeever at Sapientia Oscen in Brooklyn, NY, I was absolutely blown away — not just by how much better my foot felt, but how I felt as a whole. Soon, my foot was healed, and my depression — which I had struggled with for years — began to fade. I viewed the world around me in an entirely different way.

I realized that my injury had actually been a gift. It was the universe’s way of forcing me to slow down, examine my place in life, and understand how disconnected I was. Energy Healing felt like the first step on a new journey where I was aware of both my strength and my purpose. I followed the calling to become a healer and share my passion with others who were also seeking a more meaningful and balanced way of living.

Soon after, I took my Reiki Level 1 class with Deborah Hanekamp from Mama Medicine in NYC.  I continued on to Reiki 2 and finally one-on-one Master/Teacher training with her in the Tera Mai Seichem lineage where I also learned Sound healing. I Studied Polarity Therapy and received my APP from The Soma Psyche institute in NYC. I am an initiate of the 9 Munay-ki Rites from the Q’ero tradition and a certified Earth Magic practitioner through my mentor, Shamanic Healer and Author- Dr. Steven D. Farmer.

I am continuously looking to grow as a person, healer, teacher and student through meditation, ceremonies and healing on all levels.

Not a day goes by that I am not overcome with gratitude for every soul that allows me to be a part of their path and for the wisdom and lessons I gain from my teachers, students and clients. I truly believe that by healing ourselves, we heal one another, our ancestors, future generations and Mother Earth." --Brook Albrigo

Brook resides in Long Beach, CA with her husband and two puppies. She is a resident practitioner at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center and holds Moon Ceremonies, Song Circles, Women's groups,and Healing Retreats in the Long Beach Community. Her Healing work has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Tasty Yummies, and Vigor and Sage.