Intuitive Energy field Work


Combining Earth Magic techniques with intuitive energy field work, Brook customizes each session to meet your needs. She is guided by your energy and her intuition to assess what is most needed at that time which could may include Soul Retrieval, removal of energetic intrusions through Extraction, Power Retrieval, Field Clearing,Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing.

Each session comes with a follow up list of recommendations and notes to continue the work after we part ways. Please CONNECT directly to book your appointment.


Remote/phone session-

60 minutes - $111

Orca Medicine-Turning Tides

an intimate group healing experience for the new year


Orca starting coming to me in my dreams right around the end of 2019. Teaching me about the spiritual and emotional evolution humans are undergoing. Activating more and more of our emotional intelligence. They want to help us integrate it and learn how to work together as a collective for the greater good of the whole pod, to rely on the Matrichial wisdom and care for all the young as if they were our own. 

It is a loving, fierce and mysterious medicine they bring to those that are open to receive it. 

This Orca pod will be a group of 8 members max. We will meet 3 times over the course of 3 weeks in a live zoom session where we talk about our intentions and then receive energy work and guidance through the Orcas. Each pod will be different and each session will be different so I cannot say exactly how it will go but I trust it will always be exactly what the group needs. 

You must be able to attend all 3 live sessions with the pod. 

Session are usually about an hour and 15 minutes but can run a little over or under. 

Here are some past pod members experiences-

"The deep dive Orca pod was a safe nurturing and restorative place that allowed me to reflect, let go and recharge my mental and spiritual batteries. I tap into that Orca Medicine often." -Victoria R.

"I got so much out of the Deep Dive Orca sessions with Brook. I worked with the Orcas to heal deep maternal wounds and learn to love parts of my family members that in the past I held so much resentment for. I highly recommend the Orca pod experience. Not only did it provide deep internal healing, but something to look forward to after busy days without much self reflection and self care. Thank you Brook!" -Sara K.

"Orca pods are a great experience! I was able to tap into my childhood experiences in a safe, supportive and healing way and feel the energy still working within me. It is a powerful medicine and I came out of each session feeling recharged with better insight into my current and past issues. My pod was a wonderful group of open minded people and it was great to meet people who were willing to take the journey too. As always, Brook was a skilled, intuitive facilitator and I would recommend this for anyone with or without a known intention." -Stephanie T.

“When I relaxed into the guided meditation led by Brook I was taken on a journey to the depths of the ocean and released back to the land overlooking the horizon as my pod swam away. I met myself as a young girl and surfaced a mature woman. Brook's guidance and trust in the medicine coming through has opened my heart multiple times and she never ceases to amaze me with her intuitive capabilities. I’m forever grateful.” -Megan Douglas 

*This is a live healing on Zoom and will not be recorded*

upcoming Orca pod- 12/20, 12/28, 1/4














Turning Tide Sessions for the end of the year


This is a special one on one remote session focusing on the lessons gained from 2021 and tapping into the incoming themes of 2022 for each person. There will be energy field balancing/clearing, a year ahead divination and a personalized ritual for you to do around the new year         (which also happens to be around a new moon!) to anchor in the work we did together. You will receive all the notes from your session to keep for review.

**These will be limited and only offered during December and January. Please email to book. 

Remote/Phone or ZOOM

90 minutes - $200




Private gatherings

Looking for a unique and intimate way to gather with friends and loved ones? Brook can co create and customize a ceremony, workshop or group healing sessions for any occasion or retreat using sound healing, guided meditation and ritual. 

Please inquire.


Whale medicine- light music

These are energy healing sessions and attunements in sound form that are designed to meet you wherever you are at on your evolutionary path and take you on a journey of self discovery. All Vocals and live instruments by Brook Albrigo and Daniel Albrigo.
Please listen all the way through while relaxing with your eyes closed and turn off all distractions. Feel free to record messages, images and experiences afterwards (and share with me if you feel called to!). Listen as many times as you want as each listen will give you a different experience.

You can listen on soundcloud our YouTube.
These sessions are free to all but if you are moved to make a donation so that I can keep creating new volumes and invest in recording help you can send a venmo exchange of your choosing with a music note emoji to @brook-albrigo.





***Cancellation and Late Policy***

Please notify Brook within 24 hours of your appointment if you need to cancel. If you cancel the same day as your appointment, you are responsible for a 50% cancellation fee. If you no show and do not notify Brook you aren't coming to your appointment, you are responsible for the cost your appointment. 

Your appointment starts at the time it was booked. If you are late, your appointment will still end at the time it was booked for. There are no refunds for Moon Ceremonies or orca dive pod cancellations.  Thank you so much for your cooperation and please don't hesitate to contact Brook with any questions regarding these policies.